Digimon Adventure Episode 54


Digimon Adventure Episode 54 - The Fate of Two Worlds

A battle erupts between the kids and Apocalymon and they prove victorious with WarGreymon and MetalGarururmon mortally wounding him. Apocalymon, as a last desperation, launches his Total Annihilation attack which would destroy both worlds, however the kids determination to win causes their Digivices to contain the blast. Apocalymon is destroyed by his own attack and the world is saved. The Digital World starts to reformat itself back to normal and the DigiDestined prepare to spend the rest of their summer in the Digital World. However, Gennai informs them that they either had to leave quickly, or remain in the Digital World forever. After saying their good-byes to their partners, the kids depart for home on the trolly they spent their first night in the Digital World on although Tai is sure the portal will open again someday and they’ll return. Last episode of Digimon Adventure season one.

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